Electronic Monitoring Event

 Fife & Forth Valley CJA hosted, on behalf of the Scottish Government, an event on Electronic Monitoring:

"Making Effective Use of Electronic Monitoring"

 This was held on Tuesday 8th March 2016 at 11:30am at the Scottish Prison College, Newlands Road, Falkirk FK2 0DE, after our FFV CJA Board.

The event was well attended by partners with our own Board Member, Councillor Dave Dempsey 'volunteering' to have one of the latest models of 'tag' fitted to his ankle! 

Discussions took place in groups, facilitated by Scottish Government, on the future use of electronic monitoring. The feedback from these sessions will help inform future policy and decision making. 



Reducing Reoffending Briefings

Fife and Forth Valley CJA has been developing its data information dissemination process to assist with the new local arrangements for Community Justice. We now produce, as appendices within our Board reports, but also as standalone documents, "Reducing Reoffending Briefings" for each local authority area within the CJA. These are produced quarterly and contain four sections: Community Sentences, Prison Population and Crime with the focus in the fourth section changing each quarter. The first of these briefings - Q4 2014/15, the focus was on Reconviction rates, the second - Q1 105/16, was on Public Social Partnerships. The next set of Reducing Reoffending Briefings will be ready for publication in December 2015. These briefings can be found within our Board Reports and also under our Publications tab - "Reducing Reoffending Briefings". 


Fife & Forth Valley CJA Annual Report 2014/15

Fife & Forth Valley CJA are pleased to publish their Annual Report for 2014/15. This report details the progress we have made, together with our partners,  towards our strategic priorities outlined in our Area Plan 2014-17. This is a very challenging time for the CJA given the restructure of community justice and the new Community Justice (Scotland) Act which is currently going though Parliament. We will continue to work with our partners, over the transition period, to ensure that the good partnership working across the Fife and Forth Valley area that has ultimately led to a reduction in re-offending, remains. 

This Annual Report is available under our Publications Page or by clicking on the link:

Annual Report 2014/15

Equality Impact Assessments

As part of our "Equalities Outcomes & Mainstreaming Report 2013", which was published on our website in April 2013; FFV CJA have adopted an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) process.

All authors preparing papers to be submitted to our Board and partnership meetings should give consideration to equality issues via the EQIA process.

Report writers must give consideration as to whether an EQIA is needed.

For Guidance:

  • If a report is going to the Board for information only and no action will result from the report (e.g. Performance reports, budget monitoring) an EQIA is not necessary.
  • If a report advises the impact of a policy after implementation, an EQIA will need to be appended to the report to reassess the policys' impact.
Fife and Forth Valley Community Justice Authority

Fife and Forth Valley Community Justice Authority (FFV CJA) is a public sector agency.  Our purpose is to reduce re-offending and create safer communities.  We work in partnership with a range of statutory partners, including our constituent Local Authorities, Scottish Prison Service, Police Scotland, Scottish Courts, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, NHS Forth Valley, NHS Fife, APEX Scotland, Sacro and Victim Support.

The work of Fife and Forth Valley CJA is set out in our Area Plan and our Annual Report.

FFVCJA now has its own Facebook page and Twitter account. Please follow us and like our page.

News, publications and issues relevant to the work of FFVCJA will be included on both media platforms.

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 Fife & Forth Valley Community Justice Authority


twitter  @FFVCJA


Board Papers

The Agenda and supporting papers for the meeting of Fife and Forth Valley Community Justice Authority, scheduled on Tuesday, 14 June 2016, at 9.30 am, in the Scottish Prison Service College, Newlands Road, Brightons, FALKIRK, FK2 0DE, will be available to print/view on this web page on 6 June 2016.




If you require information regarding meetings of The Authority, please contact Katy Fearon, Personal Assistant to the Chief Officer, Fife and Forth Valley CJA:  E-mail:  pa@ffvcja.co.uk - Tel:  01259 727435.


Please click on the links below to view previous FFV CJA Board Meeting Agendas and supporting papers.








See next page(s) for FFV CJA Board Papers 2011- 2006 











Community Payback

Justice seen, Justice done

The Community Payback Order is a new low tariff sentence imposed by Courts as an alternative to custody (only imposed on an offender aged 16 or above). This new Order replaces the existing provisions for community service orders etc and offers the opportunity for low level offenders to payback their community for their offence through unpaid hard work.

Unpaid work or other activity requirements can be imposed for between 20 and 300 hours.  An unpaid work or other activity requirement must be completed within 3 months (Level 1) and 6 months (Level 2), unless the court states otherwise at the point of sentence.

Local Authorities are keen to promote the valuable work carried out and are always looking for new projects and suggestions for projects whether they may be routine or innovative, regular or one-off.

Fresh Start Programme, Falkirk

Fresh Start is a skills based course to help offenders increase their confidence and employability. This is undertaken in conjunction with physical labour undertaken when on community service. The programme received an award in the Highly Commended category at the Scottish Community Service Awards in April 2010.

Case study of an ex-offender

Nominate a Project

To nominate a Community Payback project in your area click on the relevant link below:


Information Bulletin

September 2015

There are 3 articles which FFV CJA would like Board members and partners to be aware of for the next Board:


Community Justice (Scotland) Bill: FFV CJA Submission of Evidence to the Scottish Parliament Justice Committee

National CJA Submission of Evidence to the Scottish Parliament Justice Committee

Scotland needs a shared, bold, coherent strategy on women who offend, Article by Anne Pinkman, FFV CJA Chief Officer in Scottish Justice Matters Journal, June 2015



June 2015 

There is one Information Report for Board Members to note prior to the next Board meeting which is due to be held on 30 June 2015 at Falkirk. 

This Report is in relation to the updated Action Plan for FFV CJA for 2015-17 reflecting the progress we have made in Year 1 of our Area Plan 2014-17. Full details of our progress will be detailed in our Annual Report which is due out after the summer.

A copy of the Information Report, together with our updated Action Plan can be accessed through our June Newsletter which has been emailed to our subscribers. If you do not currently subscribe, please get in touch and we will set this up for you.

These reports are also available under our Publications page - Information Report under "FFVCJA Newsletters, Reports & Responses" and the Updated Action Plan under "FFVCJA Action Plans".


June 2014  

There are no Information Reports for Board Members to note prior to the FFV CJA Board meeting to be held on the 16th June 2014.

We have produced our first briefing/newsletter on Domestic Abuse as part of our commitment through our Action Plan for 2014-17.

We have also recently funded research on Young Men in Custody.


Both documents are available through clicking on the links below:


FFV CJA Domestic Abuse Briefing Spring 2014

Young Men in Custody Research Report


March 2014 

There are no Information Reports for Board Members to note prior to the FFV CJA Board meeting to be held on the 11th March 2014.

Two reports have been published since our last Board which we would like our partners to note:

Local Authority Community Payback Order Annual Reports 2012/13 (including Scottish Government Summary)

SPS Organisational Review

December 2013 

There are no Information Reports for Board Members to note prior to the FFV CJA Board meeting on the 18th December 2013.

A number of other Reports & Articles are provided for information:

CJA Newsletter Autumn 2013 - Public Social Partnerships in Focus

Scottish Government Publication on Reconviction Rates in Scotland 2010-11 Offender Cohort

Fife & Forth Valley Annual Report 2012/13

Forth Valley Alcohol & Drug Partnership Annual Report 2012/13

MARAC Annual Report 2012/13

Links to these documents are provided. We also produce an electronic "Information Bulletin" which is emailed to partners & Board Members.

If you wish to be included on this mailing list then please email: ppcofficer@ffvcja.co.uk 

October 2013

Information Report on 'Redesigning the Community Justice System' is submitted for Board Members to note prior to the FFV CJA Board meeting on 2nd October 2013.

Information Report - Redesigning the Community Justice System (update October 2013)


A number of other reports and articles are provided for information only:


Fife MAPPA Annual Report 2012-13


Forth Valley MAPPA Annual Report 2012-2013


Forth Valley Early and Effective Intervention for Youth Offending Annual Report 2012-2013


Drug Deaths in Fife, Scotland 2012


Fife ADP Annual Report 2012-13


News Article Scottish Government - End to Automatic Early Release System


Executive Summary: Scottish Drug Strategy Delivery Commission Independent Expert Review of Opioid Replacement Therapies in Scotland


June 2013

There were no formal Information Reports for Board Members to note prior to the FFV CJA Board meeting on 17 June 2013.

Three reports were provided for information:

HMYOI Polmont Inspection Report

Forth Valley Drug Death Report 2011

National Drug Related Deaths Database (Scotland)-Report 2011

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