Training and Development FFV CJA: Introduction

Supporting Staff to Meet the Demands of an Ever Changing Criminal Justice Landscape

Training and Development is set against a landscape of initiatives outlined by the Scottish Government in relation to policies, for example, Reducing Reoffending, and national trends.  At a local level, the focus is on the training needs and development opportunities for agencies located within the Fife and Forth Valley Community Justice Authroity area.

Effective delivery of organisational objectives is contingent upon staff having the right skills and experience in the short, medium and longer term.  High quality professional development opportunities linked to career planning, driven by national (Scottish Government National Training Agenda) and local (Local Authority Criminal Justice Social Work) priorities are essential for the Criminal Justice workforce to adapt and perform effectively within the Scottish legal framework.

Training and Development is one of the key components and drivers to support multi-agency staff in providing the required knowledge, skills and behaviour indicators to meet the learning needs and objectives within Fife and Forth Valley Community Justice Authority.

The Codes of Practice for Social Service Workers and Employers (SSSC 2005) states that anyone employed in the Social Services workforce 'must be accountable for the quality of (their) work and take responsbility for maintaining and improving (their) knowledge and skills' (Section 6.8).  This includes 'undertaking relevant training to maintain and improve knowledge and skills and contribution to the learning and development of others.'

Community Justice Authorities : Training and Development Officer Forum

Delivery of the national and local Training and Development Programmes across Scotland are discussed and developed between the eight Community Justice Authorities via the Training and Development Officer Forum.  The TDO Forum meets approximately every six weeeks and is attended by a representative from the Scottish Government's Justice Division and other key agency delegates, for example, Risk Management Agency.


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